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dabei seit 2010
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  Geschrieben: 11.04.19 18:41
"You know in classical philosophy they said this is what classical philosophy is about. Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? These are the three questions, everything arises from this. Each leads on to the other.
I’ve tried to look at the question, where did we come from and have proposed theories about it. By looking into my body, brain with drugs and meditation and just analytical thinking, I’ve tried to look at who are we, and then the great unanswered question is, where are we going. You know, what is to be the destiny of the human race? Are we an episode in the biology of this planet, or will we build an Eden strung along the Milky Way? And from there to yet grander and greater things?
We don’t know how much intelligence there is in the universe, but we certainly know that something has broken out on this planet in our species that is like nothing else in the order of nature." - Terence McKenna
"The only way to write honestly about the scene is to be part of it. If there is one quick truism about psychedelic drugs, it is that anyone who tries to write about them without first-expierience is a fool and a fraud." ― Hunter S. Thompson (1967)

dabei seit 2018
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Dion Ysos schrieb:
"Wenn du wissen willst, wer dich beherrscht, mußt du nur herausfinden, wen du nicht kritisieren darfst." Voltaire (angeblich)

was meint Ihr dazu?

Hui ein interessantes Zitat, das ich auch noch gar nicht kannte...
Darüber muss ich jetzt erstmal sinnieren...

Was meinst du dazu?
Up and Down
...and in the end it s only...
and round....

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